May 2010 Posts

Risk Management Software is Crucial

Every company, no matter how large or small, faces a number of pressing internal and external risks, any of which, whether singly or in combination, could pose a serious threat to long-term viability and short-term revenues. Some organizations treat risk management as an art, and allow their management to use their best judgment in order to avert disaster–but increasingly, savvy corporations are taking another tack. Risk management software can help take the guesswork out of avoiding unknown pitfalls, and put the power of self-determination back in the hands of your company’s decision-makers. (more…)

Supplier Quality Management Software is Key for Business

Supplier quality monitoring and management is a critical activity for any large company. By keeping a close watch on the performance of the companies you do business with, you can quickly and efficiently diagnose problems in your supply chain, and streamline the flow of goods that keeps your business alive.

Supplier quality management software helps automate the process of tracking the cost of poor supplier quality. A well-made supplier quality software product will also provide ways of logging complaints, corrective actions taken, and several other related types of information. (more…)