EQMS Implementations: A Matter of Need and Speed

EQMS Implementations: A Matter of Need and Speed

Rob Harrison, Research Analyst, LNS Research

It’s fairly obvious to anyone with their eye on industrial operations that manufacturing has increased in speed tremendously over the past few decades due to several factors like automation, increased collaboration across departments, analytics that allow greater agility and responsiveness, and others. This is true in virtually all industry verticals.

What may be less obvious to the onlooker but is no less true, is the parallel pressure that’s been placed on quality organizations to elevate their systems and processes to deliver ever-higher quality and consistency in products. Spurred on by factors like increasingly global and disparate suppliers, tightening regulations and compliance initiatives, and immediate potential for brand and reputation damage via social media, the writing is on the wall that the processes and systems of yesteryear are no longer cutting it. Today, with increasing frequency, these issues are shaping Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) implementations. But aren’t these a major undertaking? Yes, mostly—but not out of pure necessity.

Companies are faced with two intersecting imperatives: Implement the right processes and technology (an onerous and challenging task under any timetable), and do it quickly to head off these above issues before they cause a disastrous recall, non-compliance event, or otherwise. Below I’ll give three considerations for getting your company on the track for rapid and successful EQMS implementations that drive speedy ROI.

Rapid EQMS Implementation Scoping: A Key Building Block

It’s important to have the right mindset from the get-go with your EQMS implementation, and part of this is not having overly starry eyes. Be sure that you have an agreed-upon scope from all stakeholders before beginning anything. Settling on a well-defined and narrow initial scope typically aids in delivering that sought-after ROI speed. Another way to quickly get on the road to success is to seek out and providers that offer out-of-the-box configurations, and use these as much as possible according to your goals.

Using Standard Libraries and Dashboards for Rapid Information

An EQMS provider with a high degree of maturity and capability will have a core set of reports and capabilities housed within the solution. Making use of a platform’s standard reports library is important for rapid deployment and ROI. When this is done, intelligence is quickly gathered and insight extends as the organization grows into the fully functional deployment. Predefined analytics and dashboards provide immediate visibility and free up your organization’s time and resources to focus on interrogating data in different ways to gain further strategic insight and maintain compliance.

Training and Support for Continuous Improvement

When quick deployment and ROI is a critical goal with EQMS, training and support must be compressed and focused efforts that outline crystal clear responsibilities and channels to facilitate quick response. It is a best practice for a cross-functional selection and implementation team to take responsibility for ongoing organizational readiness for the EQMS module roll-out. As regional and plant level champions, these individuals must be fast-tracked in their understanding of the scope and should become the level one support personnel internally with an easy escalation path available to them.

From well before an initial list of potential providers is made until the last keystroke is made, your chances of success are greatly enhanced if everything is planned out in advance with the right responsibilities and empowerment delegated.


Strategies for Rapid EQMS Deployment

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