The Path to EQMS: Where Are You Along the Journey to Quality Maturity?

The Path to EQMS: Where Are You Along the Journey to Quality Maturity?

Rick Lowrey, CEO, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

In recent posts, we’ve dug into the need to transform your quality management system and even how to extend quality management processes outside the four walls of your organization. Each of these themes leads to a final goal; you will need to use the power of an automated, integrated Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) to achieve a mature, global quality system.

Our recent infographic details some of the typical paths that organizations take to achieve the benefits of automated, global EQMS. These end goal benefits include process and data harmonization, structured organizational hierarchies, enterprise integration, extended supply chain management, and a significant reduction in overall cost of quality.

Path to EQMS Infographic

Starting with a Single Process

For many organizations, basic quality and compliance management are the drivers that set them on the path. Typical organizations need to automate document control, employee training, corrective and preventive action (CAPA) processes, or complaint handling to achieve compliance in a more efficient manner.

By automating a single process, quality and compliance teams reduce the level of effort needed to keep quality management processes running smoothly. Realizing these gains typically leads to the automation of additional quality processes and can ultimately lead to a fully automated, enterprise-strength quality system.

Thinking about the Big Picture

Another path to EQMS begins by understanding the value of a fully mature quality system. Industry research has shown that a more structured, visible, and automated quality system significantly reduces overall cost of quality. These cost reductions go straight to the bottom line, which makes a mature quality system a compelling investment for any organization.

EQMS isn’t the only driver behind a mature quality system. Full maturity requires a shift in people, processes, and technology. However, EQMS can be a driver behind many of these improvements.

Jumpstart Your Path to Value

As a quality professional, it is likely that you understand the value of EQMS. The difficult piece of the puzzle is quantifying and communicating that value. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-use, interactive tools to help you gain a snapshot of your organization’s quality maturity, estimate cost of quality and other key metrics, and understand how EQMS can help reduce the overall cost of quality.

We’ve also teamed up with LNS Research to create a research spotlight that will provide you with insight into how to communicate this value to executives and throughout your broader organization. Both LNS and Pilgrim are ready to work directly with you to quantify your Cost of Quality, understand the savings and improvements that EQMS can provide your organization, and work with you on a path to success.

Do you know your overall cost of quality? Get started on the path to a fully mature quality system with the resources below.


Learn the Value of EQMS

Get a quick snapshot of how EQMS can improve your Cost of Quality and other key metrics.

EQMS Calculator

Rick Lowrey

CEO, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

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