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What I Learned Through Surviving an Internal Audit

What I Learned Through Surviving an Internal Audit

Adonna Blasko, Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

It takes a substantial amount of planning and effort to carry out an internal audit, but the outcomes can improve your processes, the performance of your department, and your outlook. As you’ll soon see, undergoing an internal audit can be a learning experience regardless of your skills or expertise within the organization.

Now, here’s a slight disclaimer: As part of a marketing department, the processes I touch and work through are not directly related to product safety or risk. However, our marketing internal audit was a necessary preparation to drive our entire organization toward our ISO 9001:2008 certification. The tips that follow are not solely relevant to marketing, or to any particular process or department, but reflect a broad overview of what I learned through participating in the audit process. (more…)

Clinical Trials Guidance: Q&A with Patrick Stone

Mark Crawford

Patrick Stone is president and lead consultant for TradeStone QA LLC in Austin, Texas ( A strong advocate for human subject protection, his specialties include bioresearch monitoring in human clinical and pre-clinical trials. The following interview focuses on the FDA and clinical trials. (more…)