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How Change Management and Continuous Improvement Work Together

How Change Management and Continuous Improvement Work Together

Massimo Franza, Senior Director of Software Development, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

As my colleague Kevin Lee says in his blog, The Pursuit of Zero Waste: Continuous Improvement to Drive Quality:

The Pursuit of Zero Waste requires that an organization continuously improves its current products, processes, and people involved in making the perfect device, the perfect item or the perfect process to yield zero waste.

So he really talks about how continuous improvement is the key to remain successful and to keep your organization growing.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the relationship between change management and continuous improvement. (more…)

Wake Up and Watch Out: Getting Serious About QMS

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Really? If you only want to maintain the status quo, you might get away with letting sleeping dogs lie. But no one really wants to get hauled off by the dog catcher during a pleasant nap. Unfortunately, it’s happening every day to manufacturers who don’t take quality management seriously.

Quality management is about continuous improvement and product safety. And each time we optimize, we strengthen our preventive measures for avoiding unwanted surprises and disruptions in our operations. (more…)