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Be Aware! Security Training and Employee Engagement

Be Aware! Security Training and Employee Engagement

Tom Colgan, Director of Cyber Security, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

As agents of quality and compliance within the Life Sciences industry, we are all well aware of the importance of security awareness training in order to be compliant with various frameworks, laws, and regulations, including HIPAA. But in practice, does your organization’s awareness program simply “check the box,” or do you believe your efforts are having an impact?

A New Focus on Information Security

According to the FCC, American small businesses lose billions to cyber attacks annually, and 74 percent of small and medium businesses reported being affected by cyber attacks in the past 12 months. The average cost of these attacks for business, per incident, was $188,242. The most important step your company can take is securing your data. This is not only a good idea financially, but also from a legal and regulatory standpoint. (more…)