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Perfect Harmony Across Your Global Organization

When you think of harmony, you’re more likely to think of a group of people singing in perfect key together than a global organization working in total agreement. Just like in singing, not all people are singing the same notes, but the notes that they do sing are in perfect alignment and compatibility with the others. That’s what global harmonization is – alignment of business processes and data for global standardization and enforcement. It’s not performing identically, but in a way that complements performances of others.

The Benefits of Global Harmonization are many, including:

  • Global consistency
  • Business process improvement
  • More operational control
  • Leverage best-practices for success
  • Enterprise visibility
  • IT cost-savings


The New Year is a Good Time to Think About Audits

From December 26th on, you can’t help but see articles on the best and worst of 2010. We had Toyota, BP and eggs topping the news, and it didn’t shed much of a positive light on quality management. So as the new year kicks in, perhaps it’s time to examine your own products and processes in order to ensure compliance with organizational and industry regulations. (more…)