Key Takeaways from Last Week’s Complaint Management Webinar

Key Takeaways from Last Week’s Complaint Management Webinar

Roxane Napoli, Senior Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

Last week we hosted a webinar titled “Complaint Management Beyond Your Four Walls.” During the webinar, we discussed strategies for ensuring compliance and improving quality by automating complaint handling beyond the four walls of your organization. If you missed the presentation, you can access the on-demand version of the webinar here. In today’s blog, we’ll review some key takeaways from last week’s presentation including topics covered in the Q&A session.

Consistent Complaint Intake is Critical

Many of our attendees indicated that consistent intake is a top concern in improving their complaint handling processes. During the presentation, we demonstrated several ways to document Case records and quickly get initial data into the system.

There are a few reasons why consistent case intake is critical. First, the regulatory clock starts ticking the moment someone in your organization becomes aware of a complaint. It’s important to get the right data to Quality and Regulatory personnel so they begin the necessary investigation and adverse event reporting quickly.

Consistent data intake also drives actionable reporting and trend analysis. We demonstrated some great examples of how complaint data can be mined to analyze failure trends and feed continuous improvement efforts. This type of analysis is only possible if intake and investigation data is recorded in a consistent, harmonized manner.


SmartSolve Complaint Management

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Complaint Management

Keep Complaint Handling Integrated

The question of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system integration, specifically integration, came up during the question and answer session. This type of integration is important because it typically makes the intake and escalation process more efficient.

We discussed how Pilgrim SmartSolve® Complaint Management integrates not just with but with any CRM. Many Pilgrim customers use for Case Intake. Then, based on their procedures, specific Salesforce intake records generate records within Complaint Management and notify the correct personnel that an event needs attention.

SmartSolve also enables outbound integration to CRM and other external systems. For example, if you receive a complaint and want to notify a customer, you can trigger an outbound notification through Salesforce to send a response email to that customer. These types of integration keep your complaint handling process running smoothly and reduce the risk of missing a reporting deadline or customer response.

Global Regulations are a Concern

Global regulatory reporting was a concern for many attendees. When an adverse event occurs it is critical that the Regulatory Team understands which global regulatory bodies will require a submission. Fortunately, this is an area where Complaint Management consistently reduces risk of noncompliance. The system’s Finished Product capabilities ensure that users are automatically aware of all global reporting requirements for each event.

Complaint Management also provides Decision Trees that guide users through the adverse event determination process for various global regulatory bodies. The ability to add new Decision Trees for additional countries was top of mind for many attendees. During the Q&A session, we discussed that this is easy to accomplish. Decision Trees are created and modified within the front-end application which allows any user with the correct rights to create or modify decision trees within the system. Of course, if you’re light on resources, Pilgrim can assist your team in creating or modifying them.

Moving Complaint Management Beyond Your Four Walls

Moving complaint handling beyond your four walls provides benefits to both your quality and compliance efforts, and SmartSolve Complaint management will help you every step of the way. Download the on-demand webinar to learn how to extend the complaint handling process beyond your four walls, from case intake to post-market submissions and much more.

Roxane Napoli

Senior Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

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