Training Management and SCORM: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Training Management and SCORM: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Justin Smith, Manager of Product Management, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

Do you know the facts about SCORM? SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM is a technical standard, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it as something to be handled by your IT staff. If you’re involved in employee training and competency, you should be aware of SCORM and some of its potential benefits to your training management program.

Here are 5 key facts to help you learn more about training management and SCORM.

Fact #1: SCORM helps Training Management systems integrate with eLearning content

The SCORM standard was developed to ensure that eLearning content and Training Management systems work with each other, enabling you to increase the synergy between these systems. SCORM functions in a similar way to the DVD standard, which ensures that all DVDs will play in all DVD players regardless of the manufacturer. In a similar way, SCORM enables you to launch training content and capture training results, regardless of the content provider. According to Rustici Software, a provider of SCORM-compliant products, “SCORM tells programmers how to write their code so that it can play well with other eLearning software.”

Fact #2: SCORM is a widely-adopted standard for eLearning integration

SCORM is the most widely used adopted standard for page-turner courses. A page-turner course is just what it sounds like. This is an interface where the user navigates through eLearning or other content to move from one page/screen to the next. This can include video, Flash content, and even assessments. SCORM content also tracks the user’s performance, progress, and interaction with a course.

Fact #3: SCORM content can be purchased

Many organizations opt to purchase SCORM-compliant content to use within their eLearning systems. For certain topics, this may be more efficient than trying to develop the material in-house or sending people to off-site training. SCORM content is reusable so a wise purchase of this content can return your investment for years to come.

Consider purchasing training materials for broad compliance topics like GMP and ISO which are critical training areas but are not specific to your organization. Oftentimes, this results in higher quality content distributed more quickly than in-house training materials. ELearning providers such as SkillSoft, Harvard Business Publishing, and OpenSesame are all providers of SCORM-compliant course content.

Fact #4: You can also develop your own SCORM content

Despite the benefits of purchasing eLearning content, there are times when you may wish to develop your own. There are numerous SCORM authoring tools, such as Adobe Captivate or Lectora, that enable you to rapidly create eLearning content. Creating content in-house is a good option for training content that is highly specific to your business.

Fact #5: Your training management program can be SCORM-compliant

Bonus fact: When reading about SCORM, you may see the terms SCORM-compliant or SCORM-conformant. These phrases are interchangeable.

Pilgrim’s SmartSolve® Training Management software is SCORM-compliant. This means that Training Management enables trainees to launch SCORM-compliant eLearning courses directly from the system. Once the course is completed, our SCORM engine automatically updates the employee record with training completion status and results.

You can learn more about SmartSolve Training Management – including our SCORM capabilities – by watching our overview video below.

What are your e-learning plans for your trainees? Please share your ideas in the comments below.


Training Management Software

5-Minute Overview Video

SmartSolve® Training Management helps you manage training and certification for a qualified, competent workforce. Watch this short video to learn how Training Management can help your organization effectively.

Training Management and SCORM


Justin Smith

Product Management Director, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

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